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Parent: BEILSCHMIEDIA Nees, 1831

2. B. tawa (A. Cunn.) Benth. et Hook. f. ex Kirk For. Fl. 1889, 257, t. 126.

Tree up to 24 m. or more tall, trunk up to 1 m. diam., bark dark, smooth; branchlets slender, at first sparsely hairy. Lvs alt. to occ. subopp., on slender petioles up to 1 cm. long; lamina thinly coriac., entire, 5-10 × 1-2 cm., lanceolate to narrow-elliptic, acute to obtuse, ± glaucous below, midrib and main veins evident. Panicles axillary, up to 8 cm. long; peduncles and pedicels slender, glabrate. Fls 2-3 mm. diam., bracts linear, caducous; per. segs ovate to oblong, glabrate. Drupe ellipsoid to ovoid, 2-3 cm. long, one-seeded; pericarp dark purple.

DIST.: N., S. Lowland to lower montane forest from near North Cape to nearly lat. 42° on Seaward Kaikoura Range.
FT. 10-2. FL. 9-12.

Type locality: "Shaded moist forests at Bay of Islands". Type: BM, A. Cunningham, 1826.

In North Auckland forms with lvs up to 4 cm. or more broad occur, and may be of varietal rank; occ. forms suggesting hybridism with B. tarairi also occur. Hooker (Handbk N.Z. Fl. 1864, 239) cites Laurus Victoriana Col. as a synonym. I have been unable to trace either specimens or a description.