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1. QUINTINIA A. DC., 1830

Fls small, in axillary or terminal racemes; calyx tube adnate to ovary, lobes persistent; petals imbricate; stamens 5. Ovary 3-5-celled, style persistent; stigmas capitate, 3-5-lobed. Capsule obovoid to ellipsoid, 3-5-valved, inferior to half-superior. Shrubs or trees with alt., coriac., exstipulate lvs, us. with marginal glandular teeth. Young branchlets, lvs, peduncles and pedicels ± viscid and invested with lepidote scales. Genus of a few spp. in New Guinea, Australia and N.Z. (our spp. endemic).

Lvs 2-7 × 1-3 cm., of elliptic order, rather obscurely toothed to entire 3. elliptica
Lvs 6-16 × 1-5 cm., of narrow-lanceolate to obovate order, us. distinctly toothed 2
Lvs of narrow-lanceolate to narrow-oblong order, us. not > 2.5 cm. wide 1. serrata
Lvs of obovate to broad-elliptic order, us. 3-5 cm. wide 2. acutifolia