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Why does some text display as boxes?

This site uses unicode fonts to display a number of symbols and special characters.  If this character "" displays as a box you need to check (1) you have a unicode font installed on your computer; and (2) that your brower has been set to display unicode fonts correctly.

How to cite

For scientific research, we strongly recommend that the printed version of this volume is used and cited.

To cite the electronic version of a particular volume we suggest the following format:

Moore, L.B.; Edgar, E. 1970: Flora of New Zealand. Volume II. Indigenous Tracheophyta - Monocotyledons except Graminae. First electronic edition, Landcare Research, June 2004. Transcr. A.D. Wilton and I.M.L. Andres. Accessed 20 July 2004.

How to search

At the top of every page is a link to "Search", which will take you to the search page. In the search field enter the name you are searching for and specifiy where you would like to search using the available options. The search results will indicate what section of the book the name is found in and provide a hyperlink to the text.

How to use the keys

The result at the end of each couplet line is hyperlinked.  If the result is a number will take you to that couplet while a name will take you straight to the description. Use the links to work your way through the keys to get to the desired taxon entry.

How to look up a taxon name in Ngā Tipu o Aoteroa - New Zealand Plants

By clicking on the icon at the start of each taxon description a new window will open up displaying the information for that taxon in Ngā Tipu o Aotearoa - New Zealand Plants.  This provides access to the Names Database and Collections Data, and can be used to check recent changes in taxonomy, while also linking to further information such as distribution maps and images.

How to navigate through the books

The screen is broken into two sections; on the left hand side are the links to the different sections of the book (in the order they appear in the book), and on the right hand side are the individual sections. The sections follow the order of the book from cover to cover, starting with the spine of the book and ending with the back cover (inside flap). 

On the bottom of each webpage there are "Previous" and "Next" hyperlinks that allow you to essentially navigate through the book page by page in the same order as they appear in the hardcopy. 

On the top right-hand side are the breadcrumbs that allow you to jump back to major sections. Figures, plates and tables display as thumbnails throughout the text. Clicking on a thumbnail will open a new window with the corresponding figure at full size. 

Similarly, hyperlinks throughout the text referring to figures, plates or tables will take you directly to the corresponding image. Clicking on taxonomic names hyperlinked throughout the text will take you to the description of the particular species. 


If a name is found in the book (i.e. it has a taxon entry) the hyperlink will take you to the main taxon entry; however, if a name is not described in the book the hyperlink will take you to Ngā Tipu o Aotearoa - New Zealand Plants.


No additional material or interpretation was added to the body of the text. Editorial notes and additional information are restricted to the header section. A list of all corrections has been placed in a seperate section called "Errata". The individual corrections also display on the bottom of the pages to which they refer. 


If you find any disrepancies between the electronic and the printed versions, please use the feedback form to inform us. This will allow us to improve the site so that the content reflects the printed version.