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Parent: URTICA L., 1753

5. U. aspera Petrie in T.N.Z.I. 51, 1919, 107.

Rather stout dioec. herb up to 4 dm. tall, somewhat woody at the base, spreading by well-developed rhizomes. Stems, branches petioles and lvs (except in shade) especially when young, densely clad in stiff stinging hairs. Lvs 2-4 × 1-4 cm., on petioles up to 4 cm. long (shade lvs often larger); lamina subcoriac., broad-ovate, subcordate to truncate or rarely cuneate at base, obtusely to acutely dentate; teeth c. 5 mm. long, sinus acute. Stipules up to 1 cm. long, us. entire. Spikes up to 5 cm. long; per.-segs glabrate; staminate with scattered clusters of fls; pistillate with approximate clusters. Achenes 1-1·5 mm. long, stigmas prominent.

DIST.: S. Lowland to montane open places, spreading in depleted areas: Drainage areas of Awatere, Clarence, mid-Waitaki rivers, and various localities in Central Otago.
FT. 11-2. FL. 10-12.

Type locality: Firewood Creek, Dunstan Range. Type: W, D. Petrie.