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Parent: URTICA L., 1753

1. U. ferox Forst. f. Prodr. 1786, 66.

Dioec. branching shrub up to 2 m. or more tall, with base up to 12 cm. diam.; stinging hairs stalked, cop.; young branchlets, petioles and infl.-axes pilose-pubescent. Lvs rather pale green, 8-12 × 3-5 cm., on petioles up to 5 cm. long (lvs of juveniles sts up to 15 cm. long; of exposed plants sts reduced to 5 cm. or less long), glabrate above, ± scurfy pubescent below; lamina ovate-triangular, acuminate, coarsely sharply dentate-serrate; subcordate to truncate at base; teeth up to 1 cm. long, bristle-tipped, sinus acute to obtuse. Spikes branched, up to 8 cm. long; per.-segs pubescent. Achenes 1-1·5 mm. long, brown.

DIST.: N., S. Coastal to lowland forest margins and shrubland from lat. 35° southwards; east of divide in S.
FT. 12-5. FL. 11-3.

Type locality: Not determined. Type: P? The Forster specimen in K has lvs 9 × 5 cm., the armature weaker than usual.